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About Julia


Inspired by light as a subject, my photographic practice comprises of images being either crowded or simple with the use of textures and layers, - the interplay of light being the focal point.

Although not constricting to one photo medium I use Medium Format, Large Format, 35mm and iPhone’s to capture my impulsive yet instinctive, and intuitive images. My photographs turn the mundane into the sublime. 

I am an Australian photographer and videographer currently residing in New York where I work as a photographer, director and DP.

Malin + Goetz, Allisons Archive, Being Haircare,

We Go Far, Expedia, Zepherina, iS Clinical x Met Gala,

Australian Embassy in New York City, Markarian,

RNTL boutique, Just Adele, Ivan Itch, Period zine,

Vogue Thailand , Kunst Magazine, Crunchy Magazine,

Demure Magazine, Objektiv Press, Bitumen,

Tabula Rasa Music Festival, Muse Magazine,

Stew Magazine, Elka Collective, Mountains Media, 

Jenna Perry Hair, Osāna Naturals, Monday Haircare,

Amelia Designs, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, Seen Group

Exhibitions and Awards


'The Office' Group Exhibition, New York, New York 


‘Light Subjects’ - Group Exhibition, New York, New York


Group Exhibition, New York, New York


‘The Office’ Group Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia

6 Nominees for Refocus Awards 

2 Nominees for 10th Fine Art Photography Awards

4 Nominees for 9th Fine Art Photography Awards

3 Nominees for 8th Fine Art Photography Awards

Multiple features in PhotoVogue

Contact and Sales

Print Sales and Contact:

Instagram: @_julia__clark_

Image Licensing Inquiries:

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