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About Julia

Inspired by light as a subject, Julia Clark’s photographic practice comprises of images being either crowded or simple with the use of textures and layers, - the interplay of light being the focal point.

Although not constricting to one photo medium Julia uses Medium Format, Large Format, 35mm and Iphone’s to capture her impulsive yet instinctive, and intuitive images. Julia is an Australian photographer currently residing in New York where she practices her art form.

As well, Julia uses photolithography as a print making process to present her work, adding upon her complex and abstract compositions. Her light subjects turn the mundane into the sublime, sometimes capturing self-portraits intertwined with abstraction, ambiguity and vibrance. 

Artist Statement

I am habituated to see the world as a labyrinth of light. I dissect images, disentangling individual elements of a spontaneous frame and then reassemble them in unintelligible ways. When the frames contain human subjects, their expressions are tranquil or hidden in darkness, suggesting an unending loneliness within the diaphanous details of the city. These subjects are ablaze with ethereal light, and that light is the hero of my images. I cannot go about my day without being affronted by a perfectly composed frame, a flickering shadow, a sunbeam or a scattered reflection begging me to capture it. I must act impulsively because the moment can’t last – if I miss it, I’ll never be able to see it again. These instinctive yet spontaneous images render the mundane into the sublime.

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